Coffeecoin (CFC) is about living life and living it well. Just like that first cup of coffee in the morning breathes new life into so many people, Coffeecoin can bring new life to your finances and your ability to spend money on the Internet the way you see fit. Securely and anonymously. It’s also about creating a community supported payment system of convenience. Anyone can become a valuable member of the Coffeecoin community and network, simply by installing a wallet and using Coffeecoins for goods and services. The community becomes stronger and more reliable as more people join. As Coffeecoin is a community project, you, the user, have a say in the overall success and features of the Coffeecoin network. Because Coffeecoin is a Proof-of-stake coin, it creates a kind of symbiotic relationship: you use and possess Coffeecoins, and the network rewards you with interest on your holdings. Our team believes in our community and the future of our currency. We look forward to you joining us; We think you’ll be glad you did. Download a wallet for your computer and get started today.