Trading apps reviews and Tips for newbie

Coffeecoin (CFC) is about living life and living it well. Just like that first cup of coffee in the morning breathes new life into so many people, Coffeecoin can bring new life to your finances and your ability to spend money on the Internet the way you see fit. Securely and anonymously. It’s also about creating a community supported payment system of convenience. Anyone can become a valuable member of the Coffeecoin community and network, simply by installing a wallet and using Coffeecoins for goods and services. The community becomes stronger and more reliable as more people join. As Coffeecoin is a community project, you, the user, have a say in the overall success and features of the Coffeecoin network. Because Coffeecoin is a Proof-of-stake coin, it creates a kind of symbiotic relationship: you use and possess Coffeecoins, and the network rewards you with interest on your holdings.

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What is the difference between trader & broker?

Many times when we see a person in front of monitors full of graphics, we associate it directly with the figure of the broker, but is it really a broker or a trader ? What is the difference between traders and brokers ? Today we are going to focus on discovering the differences between traders […]

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MT4 Forex working Apps 27 05, 27

How to trade with MetaTrader 4: Basic functionalities

The platform with which we invest is important, since it is not the same to trade from an easy to use and intuitive platform, than in a complex where it is difficult to make orders, see charts, or find indicators. The MetaTrader 4 platform is a widely used platform and very popular with traders, and […]

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Crypto Software Review

Should spur the review. Dual-use items are goods, software or technology which can be used for civil and military purposes. Encryption software, for example, is subject to export controls because it is capable of dual-use. Crypto quotes of the year: Vitalik Buterin: “The problem of an ICO is that a person usually makes something useful […]

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chipped cryptocurrencies in China appeared 27 05, 27

Montage with a Bitcoin and the Chinese flag

China has announced that it is about to go public with its national blockchain platform  . Yes, the country will make the leap to cryptocurrency, as part of a plan for the digital transformation of the economy. But its implications, more than economic, seem to refer to privacy issues. This platform will be directed by […]

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Telegram abandons its virtual currency and its TON platform and blames the US

The Telegram cryptocurrency has achieved the highest initial collection in history Telegram will launch its own cryptocurrency with which to make payments in its chats Kodak comes to life with his own cryptocurrency, focused on photos. Pavel Durov, founder of Telegram, announced today that his company is abandoning the development of the TON platform and […]

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