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The Telegram cryptocurrency has achieved the highest initial collection in history Telegram will launch its own cryptocurrency with which to make payments in its chats Kodak comes to life with his own cryptocurrency, focused on photos.

Pavel Durov, founder of Telegram, announced today that his company is abandoning the development of the TON platform and all related projects, in addition to warning against possible developments based on the same name or technology.

TON was presented as the future of Telegram, a platform based on blockchain technology that was going to allow the company to not only offer its own virtual currency, Gram, but also the basis for future projects, including its own operating system.

It must be remembered that in 2018, when TON and Gram were presented, the only thing that was talked about was ‘blockchain’ and ‘cryptocurrencies’, and the possibilities that could open up to Internet users. Two years later, we cannot say that those promises have been kept, and in fact many of the projects announced then have gradually disappeared.

Telegram cryptocurrency dies before birth

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The last one is that of Telegram, which today has confirmed that “it will not proceed” with the development of TON; And he has made it very clear who he considers guilty: the USA.

In fact, the announcement of TON’s closure basically consists of a series of criticisms of the legal and judicial system of the United States , in addition to its great influence throughout the planet. Specifically, Durov points to the moment when a judge denied the possibility of distributing virtual Gram coins, not only within the US, but also outside the country.

The beautiful future promised by Telegram in its day will finally not come true Telegram Omicrono

Although this was only a preliminary order, and that the judge ugly Telegram that he did not present any argument in his favor, this moment seems to have been decisive. Although Durov concedes that the launch of TON and Gram could continue, he considers that it is not possible due to the control that the United States exercises over the rest of the countries . He gives as an example the control that the government would have over Apple and Google to delete apps from their official stores.

96% of the rest of the population living elsewhere depends on the decision makers chosen by the 4% who live in the USA.

Pavel Durov, founder of Telegram

More than the possible problems in the development of TON, Durov focuses his explanation that they cannot fight the United States, at least not at the moment, and hopes that the next generations can change this.

It had already been delayed again

Gram new tokens appeared

However, this decision does not stop attracting attention considering that on April 30 (one month after the decision of the US judge) Telegram was optimistic , and although it had been forced to delay the launch again until 2021 , did not doubt that it was going to take place.

For now it is a mystery what has happened in these two weeks since Telegram announced the new release date; or if Durov simply believes that the legal battle is not worth continuing.

Nor is it known for now what will happen to the tremendous investment that the platform received in its day; Recall, Gram’s initial offer was so successful that it raised $ 1.7 billion before it was canceled.

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